kid pix


when i started working as a ux/ui designer, i became interested in the history of user interfaces. out of curiosity and a sense of nostalgia, i began setting up virtual machines and looking for programs from my childhood and teenage years. after playing some sims 1 on a windows xp, i set up a windows 98 and managed to install kid pix studio deluxe (1998), the first computer program i had ever used. i've been creating artworks with kid pix ever since.

during the creation process, i use filters for locating and enhancing interesting pixel structures. i venture deeper and deeper into networks of pixels, and become entangled as an artist with my strange machine. in this technically endless creation process, my role as an artist constantly shifts between initiator and observer. what are the properties of the snapshots that i decide to keep? how long can i follow the trail of pixels before i end up where i started again?

i created a bot which posts one artwork per day on mastodon: ↗